Blue Water Pleasure Horse Association

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • 2016 RULE CHANGES 
    1. Exhibitors must be registered for his/her class at least 3 classes prior. For class numbers 1, 2, and 3 exhibitors must be registered for these classes by 8:45 am.
    1. A trail class will not be open for practice at any time prior to the start of all trail classes.
    1. This association prohibits the use of performance altering drugs both in horses and exhibitors.
    1. The first approved show date of the season shall not be before the first weekend in May. The last approved show date shall not be later than the last weekend in September.
    1. English classes are to be first at every show.
  • PEEWEE exhibitors now  have a Equitation and Pleasure class
  • Fun class has been dropped for 2016 show season
  • Class order had been changed to help with a better flow of English and Western transition of classes
  •  If you show two horses then you will have two back numbers to show with one for each horse.
  • If you share your horse with another exhibitor then both exhibitors will use the same back number.
  • GRAND/RESERVE HALTER is back for 2016.   1st or 2nd horses in any halter class are automatically entered and show in this class.  No Charge for the class and Year-End Overall GRAND and RESERVE Halter Awards will be given by the sponsor Liebler Quarter Horses.
  • Weanling and Yearling Halter Classes are added.
  • Lounge Line Class has been changed to ONLY  horses 2 years and under.
    • September 3, 2017 –   FUTURITY!! $$$$$  Blue Water Pleasure Horse Association will have FUTURITY Halter Classes for Weanling, Yearling and 2 year olds plus 3yr olds Western and English Snaffle Bit Riding Classes –  MONEY CLASSES! Exhibitors must have a BWPHA membership to enter in FUTURITY
    • CAMPING is $25 a night.   You can Camp and have Stalls the night before the show at SANDUSKY Fairgrounds.  Horse stalls and Tack stalls are $20 per day or $40 weekend. There is a $10.00 per stall cleaning deposit, which will be refunded pending proper cleaning and board approval.  Camping and stall fees will be enforced. Mail in the  Pre-register form a week before the show, so your stalls are reserved and can have a group of  stalls together or a requested spot.
    • Show Fees –  $6 per Judge, or  Membership blanket fees – individual $35 total +$1 per class/ per judge,  family blanket fee – $50 total + $1per class/ per judge.
    • We will have more office staff at the shows and the BWPHA board members goal is to have the shows fully computerized by the middle of the show season or sooner.
  • POINTS :
    •  An Exhibtor must be a BWPHA member before points count for Year-End Awards and All Around Exhibitor Saddle; points accumulate after a membership is received. 
    • An Exhibitor must have shown under a minimum of 7 judges/shows (Double Judge  Show Day equals 2 judges/shows) for EACH CLASS to count for year-end awards.  Each Class you show will require a minimum 7 judges to qualify for year-end awards.
    • Each Class Division receives an Overall High Point Year-End Award plus an Overall BWPHA Horse/Rider High Point Award.
    • Classes and Class Division Points are Horse/Rider combination, see rulebook for more details on classes included.
    • Class Points are calculated by the number of horses in the class and points count down until 7th place.  Example: Total 10 horses in the class- 1st Place receives 10 points, 2nd place receives 9 points, 3rd place receives 8, 4th place receives 7, 5th place receives 6, 6th place receives 5 and 7th receives .5 points 
    •   Membership cards will be available at the next show after cards have been printed for the new memberships.  Membership Numbers are now a permanent number for the member.  Each year when the membership is renewed the member will have the same membership number; it is not your back number as it was in the past.